Ph.D. Industrial Engineering
Polytechnique Montréal, Canada — 01/19-
National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada Scholarship
Thesis: Dynamic material flow analysis (MFA) of surface treatment technologies – assessing the potential effects of their large-scale adoption on the the resource-energy nexus and environmental impact

M.Sc. Sustainable Energy Systems
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden — 09/15-06/17
William Chalmers Scholarship
Thesis: Comparative LCA and LCC of a newly manufactured and a remanufactured gearbox at Volvo Cars

B.En. Electrical and Computer Engineering
American University of Beirut, Lebanon — 09/11-06/15
Asfari Foundation Scholarship
Minor in Business Administration and Mathematics
Dean’s Honor List (Sp 11/12, Fa 13/14, Sp 14/15)

Summer Session
University of California, Berkeley — 06/13-08/13
Two months of studying and trans-cultural experience during Summer Session C
Courses taken: Organic Chemistry (with its lab)


VTM081 Life Cycle Assessment
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden — 01/18-05/18
Supervised three groups in the LCA project


Intern, Northvolt (Environmental team)
Stockholm, Sweden — 07/19-08/19
•         Performed a Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) for a battery pack through LCA models in OpenLCA
•         Answered a European Commission questionnaire regarding drafting a Sustainability Requirements for Batteries act
•         Investigated the best options for the battery end-of-life

Research Assistant, Chalmers (Division of Environmental System Analysis)
Gothenburg, Sweden — 09/17-12/18
•         Collected data from SMEs and worked with LCA models in OpenLCA
•         Researched the relationship between LCA and LCC
•         Performed an LCA on a tidal current power generation technology

Environmental Specialist, Essity -formerly SCA (Function Group Sustainability)
Gothenburg, Sweden — 06/16-08/16 & 04/17-07/17
•         Worked with LCA models using GaBi
•         Handled data from suppliers and performed data entry in Excel and GaBi
•         Performed research studies investigating energy and waste management effects in LCA

Research Assistant, UNR
Nevada, USA — 06/14-08/14
•         Programmed a robot hand using ROS
•         Participated in a study about human-robot interaction


Computer Skills:   MS Office, GaBi, OpenLCA, GAMS, Java, Python
Soft Skills:              Team Building, Organization, Leadership, Communication
Languages:            English and Arabic (fluent), French (beginner), Swedish (beginner)
Activities:               Hiking, rowing, football


Students Committee Member
American Center for Life Cycle Assessment — 02/19-

Vice President for Fund Raising
Board of European Students for Technology — 01/18-12/18
•         Supervised the fund-raising and grants application process
•         Organized a Summer course for students around Europe

Project Group Member
Chalmers Students for Sustainability — 10/13-05/14
•         Helped in organizing food rescue events
•         Participated in discussions about sustainability

Unite Lebanon Youth Project — 09/11-06/14
•         Participated in camps to educate kids and do activities with them
•         Participated in workshops to help merge marginalized people into the society

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