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Kaddoura M, Tivander J, Molander S

Life cycle assesment of electricity generation from an array of subsea tidal kite prototypes

Energies 13(2):2020-456


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Kaddoura M, Kambanou ML, Tillman A-M, Sakao T

Is prolonging the lifetime of passive durable products a low-hanging fruit of circular economy? A multiple case study

Sustainability 11(18):2019-4819

Conference Presentations


lcadfKaddoura M, Majeau-Bettez G, Amor B, Margni M

Soft Linking Life Cycle ASsessment and Integrated Assessment Models for Prospective Modelling

LCA Discussion Forum 2020, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Conference Posters


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Kaddoura M, Tillman A-M, Kambanou ML, Sakao T

Assessment of the environmental and cost improvements from extending the use phase of passive durable products

Life Cycle Engineering Conference 2019, Purdue University, US




Kaddoura M, Tivander J, Molander S

Power take-off system for a subsea tidal kite: LCA report

Chalmers University of Technology, 2019:505302

Contribution to Articles



Kambanou ML, Sakao T

Using life cycle costing (LCC) to select circular measures: A discussion and practical approach

Resources, Conservation and Recycling 155:2020-104650



Carlson Z, Lemmon L, Higgins MC, Frank D, Shahrezaie RS, Feil-Seifer D

Perceived Mistreatment and Emotional Capability Following Aggressive Treatment of Robots and Computers

International Journal of Social Robotics 11:727-739(2019)


Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 11.12.42 AMLucas H, Poston J, Yocum N, Carlson Z, Feil-Seifer D

Too big to be mistreated? Examining the role of robot size on perceptions of mistreatment

IEEE RO-MAN 2016, Columbia University, US


2017 (Master Thesis)

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Kaddoura M, Gabhane, P

Remanufacturing in circular economy: A gearbox example

Chalmers University of Technology, 2017:252053

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